DevOps Live 2013 is Coming

The DevOps Live Conference is coming! Last year we had over 200+ RSVPs, well over the capacity of our venue. With this in mind, we are going bigger this year. Instead of a half-day conference, we’re aiming for a full-day event and a bigger venue, which means more speakers, more food, more swag, and more opportunities to network with people and organizations that are delivering innovations at web scale. Whether you come from a start-up or enterprise this conference is for you.

The DevOps Days conference in Austin was a perfect primer on what is happening within the DevOps movement. We are building on that by focusing on the implementation and technologies that bring DevOps to your organizations. Don’t worry if you missed the Austin event, we’ll bring you up to speed. The DevOps Live conference is aimed for October 26th, 2013. Soon venue and registration details will be available.

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What a FUN event!

I am still so excited from this weekend’s conference! We had a lot of fun and learned so much from our quality speakers from Red Hat,, and Google! If you haven’t seen the presentations yet, here are some permalinks:

Practical Open Source

Understanding DevOps – Business & IT

DART – Structured Web Development

You can also find these sessions and more under the PAST EVENTS link in the navigation. Registration for the next event happens soon, so look back here soon!