IT Automation for DevOps: From A (Amazon Cloud) to Z(z/OS)

Speaker: Julie Norris

Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 6:30pm – 8:00pm CST

Location: Paladin Consulting

Using decades of first-hand automation experience, this presentation will address the growing challenges to maintaining security, efficiency, predictability and maintainability of operational processes throughout the development lifecycle. Having been an early adopter of the need for Development and Operations to more effectively communicate and collaborate when providing business solutions, we will share real examples of successes achieved when using a modern IT Automation solution. You will see advanced capabilities that are required to more efficiently and securely develop and manage enterprise workload processes, many which are not sufficient in the older legacy automation tools. This presentation will show you how you can use Automation from the design and development phases, automate the migration thru the lifecycle stages and securely implement into production operations, complete with real-time graphical reporting from a completely self-serviceable automation solution.  This automation can even be securely accessed from your end business users, using a secure web interface or accessible via customizable Web Services.

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